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Vitamine E Liquid 1,0 L

Horses: in case of vitamin E deficiency
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Global Medics Vitamine E Liquid 1,0 L

Vit. E Liquid is the new liquid variant of the classic Vitamin E in powder form. We use a natural form of Vitamin E to improve absorption into the blood. A small dose of Selenium has also been added to this product to improve absorption.

Due to its liquid composition, Vit. E Liquid is easy to administer and is particularly easy to absorb. 

Consult your veterinarian for a blood test if you suspect a deficiency of vitamin E in your horse.

Horses need 2 kinds of minerals: building materials and trace elements. Building materials such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium chloride play an important role in the development of a good bone structure, moisture regulation, salinity, etc. Trace elements are the basis for the functioning of enzymes and the course of processes in the body.



• For horses with muscle or nerve problems
• Young horses with weak hindquarters and poor muscularity
• To support the nervous system and muscles



Bottle of 1 liter



20 ml (1 dosage cap) per horse per day, mixed into the feed.



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