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Lactalyse 400 ML

Horses: reduce fatigue and lactic acid production.
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Lactalyse is a liquid product, suitable for horses undergoing heavy and intensive physical efforts. This product results in more stamina, and the formation of lactic acid occurs to a lesser extent. The recovery period is shortened so that your horses continue to perform at their best until the end of the competition.

Like the Lacta-Fort powder, this liquid formula contains the amino acid Beta-alanine, which increases the stamina of the muscles. Carnosine isa di-peptide consisting of the amino acid Beta-alanine and the aminoacid L-histidine, which is mainly found in muscle tissue. The higher the carnosine level in the muscles, the less acidification and muscle fatigue occurs during exercise. L-histidine and L-valine are involved in various metabolic reactions and thus provide oxygen supply to organs and tissues. These amino acids are also building blocks for molecules containing iron. This function is important because it provides an energy supply to the cells. Furthermore,Magnesium citrate has been added which reduces muscle tension and thus produces less lactic acid. Lactalyse also contains specifically selected vitamins that are important for energy management and the elimination of waste products.

A combination of Lactalyse and P-Block is recommended for horses exposed to heavy exertion. 

Muscle supplements are designed to support strong, healthy muscles. Global Medics focuses on quality supplements that will make your horse move more easily and develop more stamina.



• Before, during and after strenuous efforts
• For multi-day competitions



• 400 ml bottle, 13-day treatment.


Instructions for use:

30 ml the evening before the competition, to be administered directly into the mouth by means of the syringe. Readminister 30 ml 3 to 4 hours before the competition.



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